How can you get rid of lime scale?

It is very common to find limescale near the facets and other taps where there is water. Limescale is the buildup from the minerals from the hard water.

They look very annoying as they are hard to remove and makes your house look as if there has been no effort made in cleaning at all.

House Cleaning Capitol Hill, CO has some tips that will help you get rid of limescale.

Lemon juice and vinegar 

When house cleaning, the most effective way of getting rid of limescale is with the help of lemon juice and vinegar. There are plenty of limescale removing products available in the market but the more cost effective and eco-friendly method is by removing it with the help of lemon or vinegar. During house cleaning, to remove limescale buildup all you need to do is soak the area in lemon juice or vinegar for an hour or overnight. 

Taps and bathroom fitting 

When house cleaning, to remove the limescale buildup from taps and bathroom fitting, you will need to make a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Use it regularly on basin, taps, bathtubs, tiles to keep the limescale under control. During house cleaning,  rinse it well with plain water afterwards. When dealing with buildup then soak a cloth in vinegar and wrap it around the tap, let it sit overnight and in the morning the residual will be dissolved. You can even squeeze the juice of lemon on the tap and then leave the lemon peel covering it for overnight and in the morning scrub it a little to remove the residual. 

Washing machine and dishwasher 

When house cleaning, due to the use of water all the time there is a chance that there could be buildup of limescale inside the washing machine or dishwasher. During house cleaning, pour a large cup of vinegar in place of detergent and run an empty normal cycle of washing machine. For the dishwasher pour the vinegar at the bottom of the machine, this will not only remove limescale but will also freshen up your machine too.

Kettle and coffee machine 

When house cleaning, since there is use of water in the kettle and coffee machine, due to boiling water again and again there is build up of limescale. To remove limescale from the kettle, fill the kettle with equal parts of water and vinegar, let it sit overnight in the morning with just a little scrubbing the limescale buildup will come off. For a coffee machine you can fill the water compartment with vinegar and run a full cycle without coffee. Then twice with plain water and you will have a clean appliance in no time.


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