How to Clean Painted Walls | House Cleaning Highlands Ranch

Cleaning the painted walls during the house cleaning process may look a very difficult task for you but in reality it is quite simple and easy.

The first thing you need to make sure is that whether you are doing yearly house cleaning or you hope to say goodbye to the stain forever, the right option only depends on what kind of paint you are going to use on your walls. The semi-gloss and glossy paints can stand the washing process like eggshell latex paints, satin or flat and on the other hand it can fade away or even rub off if we use abrasive cleaner. The main task is to clean the walls without damaging it during the house cleaning process.


Follow tips by House Cleaning Highlands Ranch:

Regular House Cleaning:

  • If you want to preserve the quality of the paint, clean it with the gentle method that means water on the sponge.
  • You can even mix it with the warm mixture of water and mild detergent soap.
  • If you think that you need a strong solution then create a solution containing 1 cup of ammonia, ½ cup of vinegar, ¼ cup of baking soda and one gallon of warm water. Mix all of these items and then put in the spray bottle and spray it on the walls. Scrub it lightly with the sponge.

Stain Removal:

During the house cleaning process you may want to lay towels, newspapers or even the absorbent material so that the floor stays clean and catch the drips when you clean the walls. Also, try to wear the rubber gloves when you clean the walls to avoid the water dripping down in your arms.

Note: Squeeze the sponge as your work goes long way to prevent the drips that might weaken the final results.

1. During the house cleaning process run the dust brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner all over the walls surface.

2. Create a paste solution of baking's soda. To create it you need to mix half cup of baking soda with one ounce of water.

3. Test the solution at an inconspicuous part of the wall to be sure that it won’t have any negative results. If the paint looks bright & intact then move on. Otherwise you need to take precautions. A little sloppy move can make things worse during house cleaning.

If there is eggshell latex paint then consider to hire a professional to do the cleaning of your walls.

4. If there are no watermarks left on the walls when you apply the solution then you may proceed. Beginning from the top of the wall and the way down, use a sponge to gently apply the solution. Scrub in the circular motion so that there are less chances of upsetting the paint.

5. Use second sponge dampened in water solution to clear the dirt.

6. Dry the area with the clean cloth.


➤If you are busy and you can’t clean your painted walls then contact your local House Cleaning Highlands Ranch expert.