How to Make Towels Soft Again | House Cleaning Highlands Ranch

During house cleaning, holding a soft fluffy towel in your hands is quite a feel. But over the period of time this plushness may fade away. Instead of replacing them with the new towels, why not rejuvenate them by adding some fluffy goodness in them?

House Cleaning Highland Ranch has got some tips for you to make your towels soft again and for that you are going to need very common house cleaning products that are already in your pantry or your closet already.   

Add Ammonia or Vinegar to Wash:

When house cleaning, There are many uses of vinegar beyond salad dressing. It can be an excellent detergent to clean the bathroom as well as add some fluff in your towels if they are hard.

  • You need to add 1 cup of vinegar to your wash as it helps to cut through the mineral buildup from the hard water and it can also loosen up the fiber threads of the towel when added during the final rinse.
  • Ammonia has got the ability to strip off the buildup from the laundry detergents and fabric softeners. If we look at the vinegar you add 1 cup in the wash and it will do the job for you.
  • If your towels smell like vinegar or ammonia right after washing them add ½ cup of baking soda (Keep in mind that this may fade away the colors).
  • Never combine the baking soda or ammonia in the water as they need to be used separately for best house cleaning results.    

Wash with Water Softening Tablets or Borax:

By using this tip you can be used to revitalize towels made stiff by hard water.

  • All you have to do is wash your towels with water softening tablets that are designed to clean limescale out of the laundry machines.
  • This can help to remove the hard water deposits from your towels, making them fluffier during house cleaning.     

Use Tennis Balls or Dryer balls:

The dryer can be an excellent place to soften your towels.

  • All you need to do is get some tennis balls and put them in the dryer with towels at low heat.
  • The dryer balls have same impact as well.
  • The ball help the laundry from clumping together and circulate the load.
  • This helps the towels to dry more quickly and give a fluffy look.  

Additional Fluff-Inducing Tips:

  • Always wash your towels separately from the other clothes when you are house cleaning. Zips, hooks, buttons can damage the towels easily.
  • When you are washing the towels don’t overfill the washer, towels need room to breathe to get cleaned properly. Too much load can cause friction.
  • Do house cleaning of the towels in the hottest temperature and rinse them in cold water.

➽If you are busy at work and don’t have much time for home laundry and want to make your towels soft and fluffy get help from House Cleaning Highlands Ranch, our experts are always ready to give a hand. Contact your nearest House Cleaning Highlands Ranch office for details.