Handle Your Shower Enclosure Properly

If you want to get rid of the bathroom lurking germs then you need to follow there bacteria targeting tricks by House Cleaning Highlands Ranch that work. The house cleaning process is very simple, you just need to follow few of these steps and apply it in your bathroom to make it sparkle.

How to Refresh Dingy Grout?

  • It is important to know that Grout is porous and it is very susceptible to the bacteria. So, you need to be careful with it when you do the home cleaning.

What should you do?

  • You need to dip a grout brush in the straight bleach and scrub any discolored areas and after that you should rinse it well. Make sure that you ventilate the room.

Best Practice:

  • Seal out the grout in every six months when you do the house cleaning it can help you to prevent the moisture and grime from infiltrating.

Cleaning Tiles, Walls and Ceilings:

  • You need to spray the tiles, walls and ceiling with all-purpose cleaner and then turn on the shower until the steam builds ( five minutes later) Turn off the water and shut the door and let it get mix for about 20 minutes. After that you can wipe off the surfaces and clean it with cloth. To reach the high spots you can use microfiber mop, wipe the tile floor, but only when you are done with the other dirty house cleaning. 

How to Get the Toilet Sparkly Clean?

  • In this house cleaning process, use toilet brush and bathroom cleaner with added disinfectant. Pay attention to the areas under the rim. Wipe the outside of the bowl and the tank with the all purpose bathroom cleaner. Don’t forget to clean the toilet handle because it contains a lot of bacteria. Control the odor by pouring a cup of washing soda crystals. It will clear the limescale from around the inside of the bowl, sprinkle some crystals, leave it for night and flush in the morning.

How to Clean the Bathroom Sink?

  • Another house cleaning tip to clean the bathroom sink is that you need to pour white vinegar or baking soda down into the drain and then flush it with the warm water.

The Tray:

Enameled surface of the tray:

    • It is a blug plus point in the house cleaning. Enameled is not demanding in the care, it can be used to clean not only with the gels but you can also use the powders as well. In case there is rust contamination then use the same agents for acrylic surfaces. Rust stains can be remove by using salt and turpentine mixture by creating a thick paste. One disadvantage of the enamel is that it can chip off or even it can get cracked.

Stainless Steel tray:

    • It is very easy to clean. But the problems can arise in stains, scratches, and appeared on it, a self-prepared paste can help you to get rid of it. Soften the soap and then add chalk in the equal proportions. Apply the paste on the sponge and try to clean the tray, focusing on the contaminated areas. Rinse the paste and wipe off the surface neatly.

House cleaning can be tough sometimes especially if you are doing a job and busy in work. If you can’t do the shower enclosure handling and need assistance then get in touch with House Cleaning Highlands Ranch to handle it for you. Get in touch with your House Cleaning Highlands experts office for professional help.