De-stink Plastic Containers | House Cleaning Highlands Ranch

Plastic has become an essential part of our life these days. We dispose the garbage in the plastic bags during the house cleaning, buy toys made up of plastic for our children, drink in the plastic mugs and store food in the plastic containers. Plastic containers are made up of polypropylene which makes them porous, food odors often stay inside the plastic containers when we store food inside them for long time.


If you hate the idea to just throw away the plastic containers then you can follow few simple tips by House Cleaning Highlands Ranch to get rid of odor during house cleaning process.

Step 1:

During house cleaning, Fill the water with hot water and add two teaspoon of automatic detergent. Shake it to make a soapy water and let it sit for overnight. Rinse the container next morning and if smell is still there add baking soda and warm water to soak again. This will finish the bad odor.

Step 2:

During house cleaning, make a paste of baking soda and warm water. Coat the plastic container from the inside and leave it for overnight. Rinse it thoroughly, Sprinkle some baking soda in the plastic container and shake it around, cover it and let it sit for one day. Rinse it.

Step 3:

For house cleaning, fill the container with the warm water and add ¼ cup of vinegar. Add few drops of the dish detergent and then mix it properly. Leave it for few hours and then rinse it. If you are out of vinegar then you can try lemon juice.

Step 4:

When house cleaning, rub the container with the vanilla and let it sit for 1 day or you can even put the vanilla in the warm water and then shake it. Leave it for overnight and rinse it next morning.

Step 5:

During house cleaning, coffee beans are great deodorizers. The dry coffee grounds can be cooled in the fridge that work like a baking soda. They will suck the bad odor. Put some coffee beans in the container and leave it for overnight. The smell will be gone. You can dry the coffee grounds by spreading them on the cookie sheet.

Step 6:

When house cleaning, Plastic containers are great to store your food items but they can easily catch the odor of the food items which makes it very unpleasant. You might even want to throw away the plastic containers in the bin due to bad smell but if you try some deodorizing techniques just by using few items that are already in your kitchen cabinet there are high chances it will save your cash.


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