How to Clean Your Shower Curtains - House Cleaning Capitol Hill, CO

Key Steps:

  • When house cleaning, add towels in the washing machine to remove dirt from the shower curtains 
  • Don’t add fabric cleaner as it can damage the plastic
  • Use old toothbrush to remove the dirt/stains

In most of the bathrooms it’s not possible to add a shower screen or it may be your personal preference to have a shower curtains. Though, shower curtains can act like a smart bathroom accessory and it can be a useful tool to avoid the flooding in the room. An item that is exposed to soap soda and water on regular basis, the curtains are going to get dirty and there has to be a solution to clean the shower curtains more often for house cleaning.   

Shower curtains are relatively cheap and you can easily buy or replace them whenever you want. After all you might be thinking how you can wash your curtains. The good news is that House Cleaning Capitol Hill, CO has got some alternative house cleaning options to just replacing your shower curtains.

How to Wash Shower Curtains Made of Plastic?

Plastic curtains can be washed in the washing machines for house cleaning. You might have concerns that the plastic curtains may melt but if you wash at low temperature at gentle cycle at 30-40 degree then it won't get damaged. Always check the care label before washing it.  

  • When you are house cleaning, put your plastic curtain in the washing machine along with the few towels in order to provide friction to the curtain surface and remove the dirt.  
  • For house cleaning, the laundry detergent should be used to clean the plastic curtain. If there are some stains, marks that you are finding hard to remove then you can use old fashioned techniques to remove them by using vinegar and baking soda. Put the baking soda during the washing cycle to add abrasiveness to act on mound. Then use vinegar to rinse cycle for the acidic purpose to fight with the germs and stains to give a sparkling look.
  • Even after the washing part the stains may not go away, particularly around the hems at the top or at the bottom of the curtain. In that case you can prepare the solution of baking soda or vinegar and apply a good dose of elbow grease by using old toothbrush to remove the stains for house cleaning.
  • If you have got a shower curtain that cannot be washed in the washing machine then the alternative solution is to soak it in the bathtub filled with the solution of washing powder and let it sit for one hour. Scrub the stains with the old toothbrush.


Lastly, no matter what method you use to wash the curtain you must air-dry them. Shake to remove the excess water and hang in open air to dry them.


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