4 Ways to Clean Your Bathroom - House Cleaning Capitol Hill, CO

You may think that no one cares if your bathroom is clean or not, after all it’s not your living room where most of the people are going to be entertained. Bathroom is the most personal space in your house but it doesn’t have to be look so unwelcoming to your guests. It’s very easy to clean the scum showers and the toilet bowl. You just need to follow few steps of House Cleaning Capitol Hill, CO area to maintain your bathroom.

Make sure that you don’t go for abrasive commercial cleaners for house cleaning as they contain many harmful chemicals inside them.

1. Battle Soap Scum with Baby Oil

During the house cleaning process, you can soften the soap scum that is often collected on the sides of the bathtub with the baby oil. All you need to do:

    • Mix 1 part of baby oil with 4 parts of the water solution.
    • Next, you need to pour the solution in the spray bottle and then spray it on the sides of the tub.
    • Let the solution for some time to loosen the soap scum and then wipe it away with dry cloth.

2. Sweep Away the Soap Stains with the Stockings

When house cleaning, to remove the stubborn stuck on soap residue and calcium stains from the bathtub, sinks and the surroundings use a paste made up of tartar and hydrogen peroxide.

    • Grab a small container and mix some hydrogen peroxide into the cream of tartar to create a thick paste solution.
    • After that you need to apply the paste on the scummy surface and then use a firm bristle brush to scrub the paste.
    • Then rinse it and wipe it dry.
    • If you have not got bristle brush then use stockings for house cleaning rolled in the ball.
    • These nylon become excellent non scratcher for scrubbing the sinks for house cleaning.

3. Clean the Toilet Bowl with the Cola

For house cleaning you can get cheap generic cola that can be a great toilet bowl cleaner. It can even help loosen those nasty hard water stains. All you need to do:

    • Empty a can of cola in the toilet bowl, let it sit for an hour then scrub it and flush it.
    • Use a sponge or cloth moistened with vinegar to wipe off any sticky drops of cola that might have been splattered on the rim.
    • The vinegar will also help to disinfect these surfaces.

4. Banish the Toilet Bowl Rings without Harsh Chemicals

White vinegar can also be used to clean the toilet bowl during the house cleaning process. All you need to do:

    • Pour vinegar in the toilet bowl and let it sit for 30 minutes at least.
    • After that use a vinegar dampened cloth and wipe around the top edge of the toilet bowl and bottom seat lid.
    • Lastly, take toilet brush sprinkle some baking soda and scrub the stains and flush.


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