Tips to Eliminate Kitchen Bacteria

Your kitchen sink is dirtier than your bathroom. How can we kill the bacteria or germs naturally by without using the chemicals?


Follow tips by House Cleaning Capitol Hill, CO through which you can clean the kitchen sink effectively to kill the bacteria during the house cleaning.


If you don’t replace your sponges during the kitchen cleaning process then your all house cleaning process will go down the drain. The kitchen sponge is ranked as one of the dirtiest object that is found in our homes which contains tons of bacteria. The only solution is to change your sponge on the regular basis or disinfect it.

Fridge drawers:

During the house cleaning process, the fridge drawers are high on the list where the bacteria is present. Most of the times we store the food without even covering it. When you are cleaning the kitchen make sure that you clean your fridge properly so that the bacteria and germs stay away.

Fridge door handles:

The fridge door handle is the most popular door handle that we use in the house. We open and close it day and night. So, there are going to be germs on the door handle and in order to kill then you need to wipe it with the disinfecting wipes to clean it.

The Sink:

During the house cleaning process, one sponge will be not enough to clean your entire stainless steel sink. There are many microfibers present in your kitchen sink. To disinfect your sink make sure to use the antibacterial wipes immediately when you wash your dishes.

Kitchen knife maintenance and bacteria removal:

During the house cleaning process make sure that you focus on your kitchen knives as they are used to prepare the meals. There are a lot of germs and bacteria on them and you should not neglect to clean it up as it can infect your food with different viruses which can lead you to food poisoning.

Maintaining different kind of knives:

    • The contact of water with the stainless steel is very harmful. You need to clean it with a rag. Make sure that you don’t purchase the knives with the wooden handle as they often leach water and leave residue between the blades.
    • If you have got high quality knives that have wooden handles then there is no need to worry. Conclusion: In order to clean the knives you need to maintain them on the regular basis during the house cleaning process to stay safe and disinfect the germs.
    • The cutting board in your kitchen should be scrubbed with the soapy solution during the house cleaning process once you use it and allow it to get dry before you put it away. You can take extra precautions by using a high diluted bleach water based solution all of the surface and then clean it with the dry cloth.

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