How to Remove Pet Hair From Upholstery

All of us love our pet dogs and cats. But it really gets difficult when they create the hairy mess on our furniture and carpet. It really get difficult to house cleaning the entire house. That’s why House Cleaning Capitol Hill, COhas got few tips that might help you to clean up pet hair during house cleaning.

Get Dog Hair Off Furniture

For house cleaning, use a lint roller over the surface of the furniture as it picks up dog hair. You can get it from any grocery store. It can be used on furniture, clothes or even your dog as well. This doesn’t harm skin, furniture or clothes.


  • Use Tape:

For house cleaning, you can use a duct tape on the furniture by simply sticking it on the furniture and let it sit for few minutes and then take it off to remove your pet hairs quickly. Duct tape or mask tape are good options. This task may have to be performed several times to do the job.

Caution: Make sure that you use duct tape on the furniture that is coated in paint. If you use duct tape just dont leave it for hours, remove it within the seconds. Strong adhesives might peel off the paint of the furniture


  • Use a Damp Washcloth:

During house cleaning, you can easily remove the pet hair from any cloth surface by using a damp washcloth. Wipe the cushions and the clothing in just one direction and the hair will come off eventually. You can even try damp sponge to remove the pet hair from your carpets as well by moving in the one direction, the hair will pile up and you can pick them up with your hands.


  • Vacuum the Furniture:

You can use a small handle vacuum machine during the house cleaning process. Depending on the furniture type, this method can either work or it may not work. To make it easy you need to vacuum your furniture, collect all of the fur in one spot by using window squeegee. Run it against your furniture like you use it on the window. Collect the fur and then vacuum it. If there is too much fur then don’t use vacuum to suck it. This may damage it. Use a shampoo vacuum cleaner for fabrics. Make sure pet shampoo doesn’t affect your furniture.


  • Use a Toothbrush:

If there are few clingy hairs then you may use toothbrush for house cleaning. Dog hairs are hard to clean from the brush bristles, so make sure that you don’t use the toothbrush that you use for cleaning everything in the house.

Don’t Let Your Home Get Too Dry:
Try to keep your home less humid or else the pet hair will be more than worse and you will face difficulty to clean it.

➤We know it’s very difficult to do house cleaning especially if there are pet hair all over your house. That’s why House Cleaning Capitol Hill, CO is always ready to give a helping hand to our customers. Call House Cleaning Capitol Hill, CO experts to book an appointment.