The germiest things at home

It’s not like all germs are harmful for our health, there are some good germs too, but the germs that are harmful for the health of our loved ones are the harmful ones and we should always keep a check on where these germs can grow are usually found in the home so that we can clean those places up almost regularly and keep our and loves health and lives germs free. House Cleaning Atlanta have gathered some information regarding this that could help you keep these certain places clean where most germs are found during the house cleaning process. 


1. Dish sponges

During the house cleaning process the number one thing that has germs on it is a dish sponge we can’t even imagine that our sponge could carry that much germs but most certainly it does. Dish sponges can lead to diarrhea, stomach cramps or vomiting. Dish sponges have a high risk of carrying germs is cause they stay wet all the time and on top of that all the food particles get stuck to them which can lead to having the growth of  bacteria on them. So to prevent this we must microwave the sponge every 5 to 6 six days for about 30 seconds so that the bacteria that could grow is killed there and then when house cleaning.


2. Kitchen sink

During the house cleaning process another surprising place where bacteria could grow in our homes is the kitchen sink. I know most of you have never even thought that our kitchen sink could carry gems or it could be the reason that could make our family sick. It is totally possible because we rinse our raw food in the very same sink also we rinse all our utensils and plates pots in the very same sink too. So when house cleaning we should make an effort and wash our sink everyday with that we should also perform a disinfecting procedure. Not just on the sink but also on the drainage as well.


3. Toothbrush holder

When house cleaning another surprising place where most germs are found in our home is the toothbrush holder. It the same thing that we put in our mouth to clean up, so we are directly inviting germs to get us ill. It is most definitely possible as we pay the least amount of attention to cleaning our toothbrush holder then too the other places in our bathroom. So we should clean our toothbrush holder regularly as well and replace the brushes as soon as possible.  


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